Frequently Asked Questions

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Orders require payment in full prior to production.

All orders are custom-made upon order and are non-cancellable, non-returnable and non-refundable with the exception of manufacturer defects.

Lead Times

Machine serging - 4-6 weeks

Modern Edge - 4-6 week

Hand serging 6-8 weeks


Prices include shipping to your nearest Rosedale Transport Warehouse.

We are also able to ship to a commercial recieving warehouse of your choice.

Shipping location confirmation is required at time of order.

Other Details

• All quoted rug sizes are approximate; allow +/- one inch
in width & length determined by the carpet style.


• Colour charts are not available for serging yarn.


• Every effort is made to balance the pattern; however,
pattern balance is not guaranteed.


• Serging yarn colors will be selected to match the
dominate color in the rug unless another colour is specified in the notes of
the order.


• Please note** not all finishes are available on all
styles as some finishes are not compatible with certain product types.


TENCEL™ key strengths
• TENCEL™ is the best performing cellulose fibre for floorcoverings
• TENCEL™ carpets and rugs can be professionally cold, wet cleaned
• Fibres are sustainable, biodegradable, hard wearing and manage indoor moisture, harbouring fewer bacteria for a healthier living environment
• They are naturally moth resistant and much more resilient than viscose
• A branded lyocell fibre, TENCEL™ is made by Lenzing AG in Austria, from wood pulp sourced exclusively from sustainably grown forests
• Lenzing AG won the “European Award for the Environment”, owing to exceptionally low emissions during TENCEL™ production, 99.3 to 99.8% of chemicals are used repeatedly in a closed loop system

Why TENCEL® is better than Viscose:

The main difference between the two is the strength of the fibers, both wet and dry. Essentially, TENCEL® is formed by a physical process rather than chemical changes thus allowing it to maintain its integrity when wet. For this reason, it behaves better during the dying and manufacturing process, making for a better product overall. As mentioned before, it is regenerated from wood cellulose and since it is a sustainable fabric, it is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics.

In a real-world application, there is a dramatic difference when these fibers get wet. Viscose fibers bunch like papier-mâché when wet will not completely unbunch as the fibers dry. Because of this, there will be a discoloration in the wet spot. Conversely, TENCEL® fibers unbunch as they dry which allows the fiber to return to its original color.

TENCEL is a natural fiber derived from eucalyptus and is sourced sustainably. Its smooth surface creates a silk-like sheen and a soft feel underfoot. However TENCEL fibers are inherently absorbent and should not be placed in areas that are damp or where spills are likely to occur (kitchens, bathrooms, entries,basements, and porches).